Assignment #12- Final Post!

For our final blog post we were asked to discuss what we had learned by using social media tools. Through Radian 6 my group was able to put together a successful social media presentation on The Hunger Games and The Avengers. I thought it was very useful to use tools that allowed us to see the both the positive and negatives. In addition to the pros and cons it was great to actually see the comments that people were writing. Another part of radian 6 I liked was that you were able to change the chart style regardless of the test you ran.

There were a few key findings our group came up with while working on the social media project. For instance we noticed that at certain times the popularity rate of The Hunger Games would spike. After we noticed this we did research to see why this occurred. We found that on that day The Hunger Games released an online game. Another finding that I kept noticed while reading the negative comments on both the brand and competitor was that not all of the negative comments were actually negative.


Digital Ethics and Privacy- Assignment #11

Digital Ethics and Privacy

Assignment #11

            I have always been aware that no matter what you do online, you’re being watched. It can be as simple as shopping at your favorite online website. Shortly after though, you tend to see a lot of advertisements on different websites for your favorite store. This should not be a surprise. I am more shocked about how many people are unaware of how much information can be collected about them based off of what they do on the internet.

I feel that online privacy is very limited. Regardless of website browsing there is a decent amount of information that can be found about a person if you just goggled them.  If your part of an organization that has been mentioned in a newspaper of if you have won an award, it can be found on the internet.

I do not think this exercise changed my feelings about online privacy. However, I did become more aware of how many people are watching my activities at certain websites. tracked me on eight of the websites I had visited. They then passed that information on to seven other companies. Another site that shared a lot of my information was They shared my information with ten other companies.

I think this activity was useful in learning about privacy and online sharing. I think it would have been interesting to  start it two weeks ago because at the end of the semester a lot of people are spending less time on the sites they enjoy and more time doing research projects for school. I waited two days before looking at the diagram.

Assignment #10- Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy-Assignment #10
For this assignment each student was asked to choose a brand or company and investigate their social media marketing strategy. I choose the Peeps Facebook page to analyze for this assignment.
Peeps are a hot holiday must have come Easter time. Currently the Peeps Facebook page has a cover photo reminding fans to get their favorite holiday treat. In addition, their page they have a large amount of pictures of fans eating their beloved marshmallow candy. Similar to Pinterest, the Peeps page shows people a variety of interesting things you can do with the candy. For example, one of the photos shows a picture of a Peep floral display. Another one shows family fun snacks to make with Peeps.
Posting photos of the Peepster (the car with a large Peep on top of it) and loyal marshmallow lovers creates a lasting memory. They are going above and beyond to connect with a variety of fans by traveling all over the United States and making random stops at different cities. On their page they post TV specials about Peeps. One of the videos on their page is from PBS and shows from start to finish how these delicious treats are made. They are competing with other sites by posting inexpensive ways to have fun with holiday candies. For example, another photo on their wall shows a holiday wreath made out of peeps.
Having a successful Facebook page for a brand is very important. There are a few different ways for a brand to measure their success when using social media. The number of visits, number of tweets, and the number of searches are just three of the many ways in which success can be determined.
My one strategy for the Peeps page is to create a contest that allows fans to show the most creative thing they can do/make with Peeps. Then the fans should post a photo to official Facebook Peeps board in addition to distribute it to friends and family. The use with the most “likes” would then win Peeps for a year, a vacation, or something along those lines. Creating a contest would increase the consumers’ motivation to connect and share the brand. In order to measure success the Peeps brand can look at the content of posts, increased signup/ subscribers, and the number of visits.

Assignment #9 – Google Analytics

Part One

Audience –Overview

  1. There were 1,422 visits during this period.
  2. The average time spent on the site was 00:02:13.
  3. 39.17% of people visiting the site were returning visitors. 60.83% of the visitors were new.

Audience-Demographics- Location

  1. The top three countries visiting the site are the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Traffic Sources- Overview

  1. 41.63% of traffic comes from referrals
  2. 15.23% of traffic comes from the keyword “interactive marketing”


Part 2

Audience –Overview

  1. The number of unique visitors has increased from 465 in 2011 to 929 in 2012.
  2. On Tuesday, February 22, 2011 there were 49 visits. On Thursday, February 2,2012 there were 65 visits .

Assignment #8

In order to find out the necessary course requirements for an interactive marketing major 4 clicks from the college of business homepage are required.




Current location within the site is shown clearly 7 Location is shown clearly at the top of the page but the link is not colored or highlighted to indicate your on that page.
Link to the sites main page is clearly identified 7 Link clicked was “interactive marketing home”, and the top of that page said Interactive marketing. Did not indicate it was the main page.
Major/important parts of the site are directly accessible from main page. 10 There are distinct red tabs at the top of the page that will take you to major/important parts.
Site map is provided for a large complex site. 3 Not much direction on where you are on the site.
Easy-to-use search function is provided as needed. 10 Search bar located at the top of the page.

Architectural and Visual Clarity



Site is organized from the user’s perspective 8 Links should show what that page has specifically.
Site is easily scannable for organization and meaning 8 Very organized but no bold words to emphasize important context.
Site design and layout is straightforward and concise. 8 Some information that is key to a user is located close to the bottom of the page which makes things difficult.
White space is sufficient: pages are not too dense 10 Pages are at a good length and leave enough white space so the reader is not overwhelmed by mass amount of information.
Unnecessary animation is avoided 10 There is no animation, some videos but they do not play unless you click on them.
Colors used for visited and unvisited links are easily seen and understood 5 Links that you are currently on/visited are not marked by a color. When you go over them they turn a light grey but it is not very noticeable because the backdrop is a darker grey.


Assignment #7

On March 7th we had two guest speakers in our class from the company LeapFrog Online.  Leap Frog was founded in 1995 and currently located in Evanston, Illinois. According to, the company is known for growing digital market share for leading brand by transforming their digital selling approach.

The two individuals who spoke in our class were Brad Hawk and Thorne Washington. Brad graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2006. At LeapFrog he specializes in the following areas: Market research, media planning and buying, accountant management, and search marketing.  Thorne was a Northern Illinois University graduate and has been working for LeapFrog for a short time. At LeapFrog he works on brand development and paid searches. In my internet marketing class they discussed mobile marketing.  They stressed that mobile devices are the next frontier in marketing. Print and television ads are now a thing of the past.  Advertisers today consider mobile marketing the ‘holy grail’ because it connects multiple touch points. According to our guest speakers the mobile industry is worth 10 billion dollars. Currently 66% of U.S. citizens between the ages of 25-34 have a smart phone. In addition, 81 million tablets are projected to be sold in 2012.The mobile industry has potential to grow larger than ever before in the future. During the discussion Brad and Thorne talked about the tactics that would make mobile marketing a success. The first of tactic is to be transparent. The second tactic is to be interesting. The third is to engage, engage, and engage.  The last tactic is to think outside of the box. They finished up the class discussing QR codes and what has made them so popular.  In 2011 QR codes grew 800%. Over 57% of Facebook and Twitter users have scanned something at one point or another because it was convenient.

I thought the topic of mobile marketing was very relevant with what we have been learning about in class. In both readings and discussions we have learned/talked about QR codes and how they are used.  In addition, in our readings there has been a lot about the different type of advertisements used in the past like pop-ups and call to action. One thing I took away from this was that mobile marketing is the future and can be seen in applications like Pandora. Another idea I took away from this was that QR codes are slowly becoming a thing of the past. People can open a browser and type in the address in the same amount of time it takes a user to open the QR code application, take a picture of the QR code, then wait for the browser to open and load. In conclusion I learned something from the guest speakers and I think it added value to the class.

Assignment #6


Recycled Material Bags

Bags made from recycled materials ON SALE NOW.


2) Eco fashion bags

a.)The competition is high for this keyword

b.) There are 320 global monthly searches for this keyword and 58 local monthly searches.

c.)Yes. There are other relevant words that would be successful in a key word search. Some of them are

“Eco tote”, “Recycled Bags and Purses”, and “Environmentally Friendly Purses.”

d.)  The CPC for “Eco Fashion Bags” would be $.65, Number of clicks .12, and the daily cost of $.08.


3a) The Ecoist web site is currently bidding on 121 keywords.

b.) My key phrase is not in the top ten keywords.

c.) Helpful information for the Ecoist could be things like finding out their competitors and the key words they’re using, other keywords competitors are bidding on, how successful the ads they currently have are.