Assignment #12- Final Post!

For our final blog post we were asked to discuss what we had learned by using social media tools. Through Radian 6 my group was able to put together a successful social media presentation on The Hunger Games and The Avengers. I thought it was very useful to use tools that allowed us to see the both the positive and negatives. In addition to the pros and cons it was great to actually see the comments that people were writing. Another part of radian 6 I liked was that you were able to change the chart style regardless of the test you ran.

There were a few key findings our group came up with while working on the social media project. For instance we noticed that at certain times the popularity rate of The Hunger Games would spike. After we noticed this we did research to see why this occurred. We found that on that day The Hunger Games released an online game. Another finding that I kept noticed while reading the negative comments on both the brand and competitor was that not all of the negative comments were actually negative.

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