Digital Ethics and Privacy- Assignment #11

Digital Ethics and Privacy

Assignment #11

            I have always been aware that no matter what you do online, you’re being watched. It can be as simple as shopping at your favorite online website. Shortly after though, you tend to see a lot of advertisements on different websites for your favorite store. This should not be a surprise. I am more shocked about how many people are unaware of how much information can be collected about them based off of what they do on the internet.

I feel that online privacy is very limited. Regardless of website browsing there is a decent amount of information that can be found about a person if you just goggled them.  If your part of an organization that has been mentioned in a newspaper of if you have won an award, it can be found on the internet.

I do not think this exercise changed my feelings about online privacy. However, I did become more aware of how many people are watching my activities at certain websites. tracked me on eight of the websites I had visited. They then passed that information on to seven other companies. Another site that shared a lot of my information was They shared my information with ten other companies.

I think this activity was useful in learning about privacy and online sharing. I think it would have been interesting to  start it two weeks ago because at the end of the semester a lot of people are spending less time on the sites they enjoy and more time doing research projects for school. I waited two days before looking at the diagram.

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