Assignment #10- Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy-Assignment #10
For this assignment each student was asked to choose a brand or company and investigate their social media marketing strategy. I choose the Peeps Facebook page to analyze for this assignment.
Peeps are a hot holiday must have come Easter time. Currently the Peeps Facebook page has a cover photo reminding fans to get their favorite holiday treat. In addition, their page they have a large amount of pictures of fans eating their beloved marshmallow candy. Similar to Pinterest, the Peeps page shows people a variety of interesting things you can do with the candy. For example, one of the photos shows a picture of a Peep floral display. Another one shows family fun snacks to make with Peeps.
Posting photos of the Peepster (the car with a large Peep on top of it) and loyal marshmallow lovers creates a lasting memory. They are going above and beyond to connect with a variety of fans by traveling all over the United States and making random stops at different cities. On their page they post TV specials about Peeps. One of the videos on their page is from PBS and shows from start to finish how these delicious treats are made. They are competing with other sites by posting inexpensive ways to have fun with holiday candies. For example, another photo on their wall shows a holiday wreath made out of peeps.
Having a successful Facebook page for a brand is very important. There are a few different ways for a brand to measure their success when using social media. The number of visits, number of tweets, and the number of searches are just three of the many ways in which success can be determined.
My one strategy for the Peeps page is to create a contest that allows fans to show the most creative thing they can do/make with Peeps. Then the fans should post a photo to official Facebook Peeps board in addition to distribute it to friends and family. The use with the most “likes” would then win Peeps for a year, a vacation, or something along those lines. Creating a contest would increase the consumers’ motivation to connect and share the brand. In order to measure success the Peeps brand can look at the content of posts, increased signup/ subscribers, and the number of visits.

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