Assignment #6


Recycled Material Bags

Bags made from recycled materials ON SALE NOW.


2) Eco fashion bags

a.)The competition is high for this keyword

b.) There are 320 global monthly searches for this keyword and 58 local monthly searches.

c.)Yes. There are other relevant words that would be successful in a key word search. Some of them are

“Eco tote”, “Recycled Bags and Purses”, and “Environmentally Friendly Purses.”

d.)  The CPC for “Eco Fashion Bags” would be $.65, Number of clicks .12, and the daily cost of $.08.


3a) The Ecoist web site is currently bidding on 121 keywords.

b.) My key phrase is not in the top ten keywords.

c.) Helpful information for the Ecoist could be things like finding out their competitors and the key words they’re using, other keywords competitors are bidding on, how successful the ads they currently have are.


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