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Assignment #8

In order to find out the necessary course requirements for an interactive marketing major 4 clicks from the college of business homepage are required. Navigation Rating Explanation Current location within the site is shown clearly 7 Location is shown clearly at the top of the page but the link is not colored or highlighted to […]

Assignment #7

On March 7th we had two guest speakers in our class from the company LeapFrog Online. ┬áLeap Frog was founded in 1995 and currently located in Evanston, Illinois. According to, the company is known for growing digital market share for leading brand by transforming their digital selling approach. The two individuals who spoke in […]

Assignment #6

1) Recycled Material Bags Bags made from recycled materials ON SALE NOW.   2) Eco fashion bags a.)The competition is high for this keyword b.) There are 320 global monthly searches for this keyword and 58 local monthly searches. c.)Yes. There are other relevant words that would be successful in a key word search. […]