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Assignment #5

The phrase I choose was “recycled barcode wristlet”. I picked this phrase because people that are looking for a trendy, green friendly, barcode wristlet would use the word “recycled” in their search. In addition the phrase I used accurately describes the product being shown. Title: Recycled Barcode Wristlet Header Tag: One of a kind Recycled […]

Assignment #4

I chose a picture which probably is familiar to many families. A pantry filled with food of unopened cans that you, or your children may never eat unless they had to. I got this picture from a website listed on blackboard. According to the owner of this photo you are allowed to do whatever you […]

Assignment 3# – Photo Shop

I got this picture from and added my own caption for a Photoshop assignment.   Here is a picture of my goofy nephew at the pumpkin patch. I thought the caption was a perfect fit!

Assignment #1- Creating my WordPress site

Creating an account on WordPress was very easy  but I did have to change-up my username because someone had the one I was planning on using. I used my first name and the first letter of my last name. I also used the number four at the end because I am the youngest of the […]

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